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Love and dedication: jazz artists celebrate Mother’s Day

Love and dedication: jazz artists celebrate Mother’s Day

The second Sunday of May we celebrate Mother’s Day – a tradition that dates back to 1914. Today the holiday may be critisized for being commercialized but its heart is here – love and dedication. In the gallery above you can see how jazz greats expressed those precious emotions on Facebook yesterday. And below you will find a music greeting:

Eliane Elias: Wishing to all moms and moms to be a beautiful Mother’s Day. Here’s a duet of me with Gilberto Gil of the song “Aquele Abraço”:

Michael Buble published a video on Instagram from Australian Zoo, in the company of his wife and with a cute kangaroo around. And the dedication is: “Happy Mother's Day!! We hope you feel extra special and were spoiled today, you deserve it! Love from us to you xoxo”

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