Time zone / Price in BGN for 30 "Clip +

  • 06:00 - 08:00 29 lv.
  • 08:00 - 10:00 32 lv.
  • 10:00 - 17:00 19 lv.
  • 17:00 - 19:00 32 lv.
  • 19:00 - 21:00 29 lv.
  • 21:00 - 06:00 19 lv.

Margins on the above gross prices apply in the following cases +

  • Fixed time (selecting a one-hour period in a time zone from the above) +20%
  • Positioning an ad clip in a standalone ad unit (exceptional) +50%
  • Positioning first or last in an ad unit +30%
  • Positioning second or penultimate in the ad unit +15%
  • Tandem spots (two spots of the same product in the same ad unit, which are content and image related) +15%
  • Mention an additional trademark +20%

Net volume / Volume discount +

  • От 0 lv. до 1 500 lv. 7%
  • От 1 501 lv. до 3 000 lv. 9%
  • От 3 001 lv. до 10 000 lv. 11%
  • От 10 001 lv.до 15 000 lv. 13%
  • От 15 001 lv. до 40 000 lv. 17%
  • От 40 001 lv. до 75 000 lv. 22%
  • От 75 001 lv. до 100 000 lv. 24%
  • От 100 001 lv. до 200 000 lv. 26%
  • От 200 001 lv. до 300 000 lv. 28%
  • От 300 001 lv. до 400 000 lv. 29%
  • Над 400 000 lv. 30%

Price for broadcasting a clip with a length other than 30 "/ ratio (%) of the price for a 30" clip * +

  • Клип 5“ -50%
  • Клип 10“ -40%
  • Клип 15“ -25%
  • Клип 20“ -10%
  • Клип 25“-5%
  • Клип 35“ +20%
  • Клип 40“+40%
  • Клип 45“ +60%
  • Клип 50“+80%
  • Клип 55“ +90%
  • Клип 60“ +100%

Price for making a video in BGN +

  • For a clip with a script for text, recording and processing - with one voice 180 lv.
  • For a video with a script for text, recording and processing - with two voices 210 lv.
  • For a video with ready text from the client, recording and processing - with one voice 150 lv.
  • For a video with ready text from the client, recording and processing - with two votes 180 lv.

Combinations of radio programs in bTV Radio Group / combination discount ** +

  • 2 радио програми 5%
  • 3 радио програми 7%
  • 4 и повече радио програми 9%
  • * The above prices apply to videos whose length is a multiple of 5. Videos with intermediate lengths are rounded as follows: ending in 1, 2, 6 and 7 - to the lower, and on 3, 4, 8 and 9 - to a higher price.
  • ** The discount applies provided that the number of broadcasts requested in each subsequent radio program is at least 50% of the maximum number of broadcasts requested in any of the radio programs of the combination.
  1. The tariff is valid from 01.02.2020.
  2. The discounts are applied sequentially on the gross price of the broadcasts (the value before discounts and before VAT).
  3. Paid report / column lasting up to 1 minute - BGN 300, no discounts apply.
  4. The prices for making an audio clip are valid for a clip that is subject to broadcast only in the radio programs of bTV Radio Group for a period of up to 1 (one) year from its production.
  5. Advertising agencies enjoy a 5% agency discount.
  6. All prices mentioned above in the tariff are in BGN, without VAT.
  7. National ethical rules for advertising and commercial communication in the Republic of Bulgaria
  8. Ethical rules for advertising and commercial communication of gambling games

  9. Tariff and conditions for broadcasting in the N-JOY radio program of paid forms for coverage of the election campaign for the elections for Members of Parliament on July 11, 2021.
General conditions for radio advertising
Възлагателно писмо – in Bulgarian и in English
Technical requirements

If you want to receive an offer for advertising on the radio, part of bTV Radio Group, contact the Sales Department by email [email protected]

  • Radio is an interactive medium that is often combined with daily activities and thus provides advertisers with an easy and convenient way to promote their brands and products.
  • Through the creative intertwining of music with live moderation and numerous repetitions on the air, the messages reach millions of audiences at any time and in any place, undoubtedly increasing the recognition of your brands.
  • bTV Radio Group offers its partners access to the widest range of target audiences through its rich portfolio, including N-JOY, bTV Radio, Jazz FM, Classic FM и Z-Rock. Our listeners are representatives of different age groups, people with different professions, interests and lifestyles.
  • In addition to the standard spot advertising on our radio there are also alternative forms of advertising. One of the key factors for the success of your radio campaign is the correct creative of the selected advertising forms to engage the audience's attention. Through targeted messages, properly selected sound elements and strategic planning, we successfully find the crossing point between the advertised product and the program element.
  • Sponsorship and alternative forms of advertising are among the most appropriate means to introduce a new product on the market, to strengthen the image of an existing brand and / or to activate consumers.
  • Alternative forms can be branded break IDs and sponsorships (sponsorship tags, sponsored promo announcement, nexter, countdown). The sponsorships also include those through which the sponsor can associate with various elements of the radio program (programs, columns, coverage of music events, one hour without advertising). Among the advertising forms we offer are conducting radio games or product placement (live announcement, paid report).
  • Every advertiser can be sure that the team of professionals of bTV Radio Group will create for him a strategically planned, correctly targeted and successfully conducted radio campaign, so that his product reaches the right audience at the right time.

Sponsorship tags +

An advertising form with a length of up to 10 seconds, which aims to promote the name, brand, activity or products of the sponsor, positioned in the most appropriate program element. The advantage of sponsorship tags is that they can include a specific sound, melody and / or other elements of the brand identity.

Branded break IDs +

This form allows the integration of a product through audio branding of a brand in advertising, which indicates the beginning and / or end of the commercial breaks. In a radio environment, this form is suitable for image advertising, as well as for imposing the name of a new product or service. Its duration is up to 10 seconds.

Sponsored promo announcement +

The content of this advertising form includes the presentation of the program and the announcement of its broadcast with an attached sponsor banner. The sponsored promo announcement may also be an integrated mention of the sponsor in content that advertises an element of the radio program (heading, broadcast, game, etc.). The duration of the sponsored promo announcement can be up to 30 seconds.

Countdown +

This advertising form counts the hours / days until the beginning of a specific event / show, using elements of the brand identity of the advertised product. Its duration is up to 10 seconds.

Nexter +

Advertising form with a duration of up to 10 seconds, which is broadcast at different times of the program, informing about the upcoming accent (section / interview / broadcast / game). The use of this form offers the possibility to increase the effect of a combined package of alternative forms by keeping the listener on the radio waves until the beginning of the specific program content, when they will hear the presence of the sponsor again.

Live announcement +

An alternative form of advertising that allows the advertiser to present a product / service or message by directly involving a host. The live announcement is not in an advertising block, but in a specific broadcast from the radio program, which leads to the perception of the message with greater trust.

Product placement +

A form close to a live announcement, which is again done by involving a radio host. Unlike the live announcement, however, in the product positioning the given brand is intertwined in the appearance of the host in a natural, elegant way, without causing irritation to the listener. Positioning the advertising message in an appropriate context helps it to reach the consumer directly, which increases the trust in the brand and its recognition, and thus the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Radio games +

Games organized on the radio are the most engaging forms of alternative presence. The main tool of radio games is the ability of presenters to communicate the product (or service) in question and the mechanics of the game throughout the period. They remind of the sponsor's game and provoke the listeners to participate in it. The radio games from bTV Radio Group combine the power of the radio with a digital presence in the channels of the respective radio. This allows for brand visualization, which in turn further enhances the effect of the campaign. The radio allows for games with different mechanics, depending on the specifics of the advertised product / service. Through games, an advertiser's product / service can reach the end user in the form of a reward, which further creates a positive attitude towards the advertiser. The creative team works to integrate the mechanics of the game to the appropriate advertising forms, so that the product / service can be communicated in an interesting and fun way for the audience. Games realized with great success and response among our listeners are: Inspector N-JOY, N-JOY Summer, MasterZone, Office mood, Who is the star of radio N-JOY, Lend a paw, and others.

If you want to receive an offer for advertising on the radio, part of bTV Radio Group, contact the Sales Department by email [email protected]