Happiness Momentum – The Shaolin Way perspective

Happiness Momentum – The Shaolin Way perspective

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Happiness comes in as many forms as there are creatures in the world – be it a sunbeam or a drop of rain, a long-awaited meeting, an unexpected smile or a piece of chocolate. But Happiness has one characteristic that you can always find, no matter what form it takes – Happiness is born at the moment and if you master the moment, you can master the happiness.

By practicing mediation and spending more time in the present moment, we can plant the seed for happiness.
Shi Heng Yi, Headmaster of the Shaolin Temple Europe

This truth is encoded in the words of Confucius as well who said that if one wants to be always happy, one has to change often. As Life is a string of moments flowing into one another, only when we create our moments or recognize and live through them, we can be truly happy. And there are no two moments alike, hence the idea of us also changing along the way. With constant change comes the power to let go of anything that no longer serves you and the people around you in a positive way. This does not mean to quickly give up on anything that brings hardship, but rather to open up and listen deep in you hearth and whenever you feel that you need to change something or to let go on somebody, to be brave and to embrace the shift.

It is not possible to live a life only in happiness. Instead we all have to learn to deal with our sufferings.
Shi Heng Yi, Headmaster of the Shaolin Temple Europe

Like the constant changes in the Nature, in life there are always two opposite sides following each other: up - down, good - bad, joy – sadness, happiness - suffering. Not being afraid of suffering, but rather finding your way through the rough times and exploring your strength also teaches you to live in the moment and discover happiness in places you didn’t expect it to manifest itself. Mastering the ability to recognise the moment and live it to the fullest, allows you to experience the happiness this moment brings and to replicate and disseminate it further.

Nothing makes you as happy as doing something for others.
Shi Heng Zong, Abbot of the Shaolin Temple Europe

During the Shaolin Talk on Happiness, forthcoming on 23 March 2017, in the first days of the Spring, Shi Heng Yi and Shi Heng Zong, Buddhist Monks from the Shaolin Temple Europe, will be happy to explore together with the audience what seeds we need to plant in order to harvest as much happiness as possible in our fast-going modern lives.

Jazz FM's Svetoslav Nikolov talked about happiness with Shi Heng Zong and Shi Heng Yi. Listen to the interview using the Audio button.


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