From a happy childhood to the joy of growing – we follow the road of dreams with Miroslava Katsarova’s “My Cinema”

From a happy childhood to the joy of growing – we follow the road of dreams with Miroslava Katsarova’s “My Cinema”

Everyone is a main character in a majour movie, a favourite movie, when re-living the emotions of great silver screen classics with Miroslava Katsarova’s album “My Cinema”. We take a deep breath in the beginning and then, song after song, we breathe – love, togetherness, yearning. We grow, better people. “I breathe life”, as the album sees us off with this verse, to let us get closer to life – true, full of meaning. And we understand it the best possible way, as it is shared with love. This is the movie in which each and everyone of us is a star.

The album is based on the concert programme “Cinema” with compositions from “Wings of Desire”, “Cinema Paradiso”, “A Man and a Woman” and many other films that have made us feel, that have made us what we are. True to their spirit, Miroslav Turiiski (piano) and Vesselin Vesselinov – Eko (bass) have done beautiful jazz arrangements, a few originals having been added, Miroslava Katsarova has written the lyrics to the instrumental compositions to all but one of the songs with lyrics by Elin Rahnev. Hristo Yotsov plays the drums. Many concerts followed, and now the album “My Cinema” is out.

“Only beauty and art can embrace us so warmly. The beautiful stories from these films, the music – they all stay with us after the end credits and nourish our thoughts and our dreams. They have made us what we are today,” Miroslava Katsarova said in a Jazz FM interview.

The beauty that we contemplate while watching these films, we turn into dreams and then, fulfilling them, make the world a better place for all. Life is full of interesting things to discover, of possibilities to grasp, of beauty to make. This is an album about growing, with love. “Love is the propeller of our flight in life,” Miroslava Katsarova said in the studio of Jazz FM.

The music in this album was praised by the audience, and just before that – by some of the authors and performers of the original compositions. Andrea Morricone and Susana Baca are two of the artists whose songs appear on “My Cinema” – and they are delighted by the result. “This is an album of good vibrations, as there were so many people who contributed, giving all their love to make it happen,” Miroslava Katsarova is thankful to those involved in the creation of the album. To sum up with the lyrics of one of the songs: “I dream the world with you”.