Steve Gadd: “Love, respect and trust have a positive effect on music”

Steve Gadd: “Love, respect and trust have a positive effect on music”

They are a band of friends – the Steve Gadd Band: Walt Fowler, Mike Landau, Jimmy Johnson and Kevin Hays. „They are great musicians and we are all good friends. That love, respect and trust have a positive effect on music. It keeps on getting better,” Steve Gadd said in a Jazz FM interview. The band of friends is coming for a concert in Bulgaria – we will be listening to their music at the “Joy Station” club in Sofia on the 21st of September.

Gadd is as talented a band leader, as he is a player. Describing the “work” atmospehere in the band he said: “I try to keep it relaxed and happy and comfortable. I just try to let them be themselves – and they can all play, so all we have to do is just listen to each other, and then things work out.”

The musician recalls that he found his voice by playing with different people and listening: “I found my voice by working with people that were more experienced than me and they helped me grow. You work with different musicians, and they bring the music out of me.”

To the next generation of musicians, he has a sound advice: “My message to the young musicians is to keep playing, follow what is in your heart and enjoy your journey. It is not about being happy after you get to where you wanna go, it’s about being happy on the journey, enjoying the journey.”

Steve Gadd is not discouraged by the music scene: “I think everything is fine. It keeps evolving, and there are some new young people that are great players. And there are still places for older people like me to be part of the industry. So, it’s ok,” – he is affirmative in this Jazz FM interview that you can listen to using the “Audio” button.