Avishai Cohen:

Avishai Cohen: "We need to connect ourselves with things of beauty"

Avishai Cohen inspired the audience at two concerts at Plovdiv Jazz Fest. "I feel a responibility to be here. It's very meaningful. I do what I do out of necessity of survival. It's other people's survival. If I survive it, I can live it, I can give it, then it helps everybody survive. I feel it always when I play."

He commented on his Song of Hope and the world today: "Hope is all that we live for. You have to have hope. Without hope you don't have any horizon. The highest order of hope is to not cling on anything and to have hope. We are tested now in that sense."

Avishai Cohen started his concerts with a jazz standard, having himself so many great compositions that people love to listen to. "Tradition is the proof of beauty in humanity, it's the proof of hope, the proof that there is good in us. We keep that in order to have a warm feeling about being part of something and sharing life. What's life worth if you're not sharing it?" - he commented on the importance of the legacy we leave.

"I just want to engage uplifting moments and love if I can in this life," said Avishai Cohen in this interview that you can listen to using the Audio button.

Photo by Konstantin Zaykov