Four soloists and a room full of love for jazz – the Angel Zabersky Quartet played at our “Sofia Jazz Peak” festival

Full of people and emotions – the hall of the “Sofia Live Club” was the place for excellent music and joy at the concert of the Angel Zabersky Quartet. Presented at our “Sofia Jazz Peak” festival, the event took place on the 8th of June.

The concert “Art Sketches” was also part of the programme of the European Music Festival, presented by the “Cantus Firmus” music agency in partnership with the Ministry of Culture as part of the Culture Calendar of the Municipality of Sofia.

The interest of the audience did not come as a surprise. Angel Zabersky (piano), Mihail Yosifov (trumpet), Boris Taslev (double bass) and Stoyan Yankulov “Stundzhy” (drums) are loved by the jazz fans.

Each of them is a talented leader and a passionate partner.

So much good music in a single night! Most of the compositions were by Zabersky, with a premiere of a new piece by Yosifov and golden classics making up the programme.

With inspiration from the traditional music of Bulgaria and the Balkans, with classic jazz being touched by bossa nova, classical music, and even waltz, the songs had a beautiful melody line that made us dance.

It was like a dance the way the musicians played, creating a bond to make us all feel friends.

Funky opening, contemplation and rhythm with the traditional music, a song with its roots in opera – the colours of “Art Sketches” painted a world of beauty.

The event was a look back at the Angel Zabersky Quartet’s concerts at the Cultural Days festival in Frankfurt. Organized by the European Central Bank, in 2014 it had in its focus the art of Bulgaria.

That was an evening of pleasure!

The colour photos are by Yanko Dimitrov, and the balck-and-white ones – by Zafer Galibov, except the one marked BulFoto – by Evgeni Dimitrov.