Enchanted by David Orlowsky Trio at our Sofia Jazz Peak festival

Original music in the klezmer tradition was masterfully presented by David Orlowsky Trio at their first concert in Bulgaria at our Sofia Jazz Peak festival.

David Orlowsky plays the clarinet with Jens-Uwe Popp – guitar, and Florian Dohrmann – bass.

The event took place on the 7th of June at the Sofia Live Club and was the second event in this year’s edition of our festival after the concert of Bulgarian jazz diva Camellia Todorova with the Jivko Petrov Trio at the Bulgaria Hall in April.

Speaking on Jazz FM Orlowsky told us how he discovered klezmer music as a child, himself not being Jewish. He describes the sound of the band as “chamber world music”.

Perfect in his playing, David Orlowsky presented the trio’s latest album Paris – Odessa.

The contrasts in dynamics illustrated “the tear in your eye, even when you’re laughing”, as Orlowsky described on Jazz FM his feeling for klezmer music as reflecting the fate of the Jews.

David Orlowsky on Jazz FM:
It always has both sides. It’s always bitter and sweet, happy and sad at the same time. Even in a dance you can see all the knowledge of tragedy, because the Jewish people have always had difficult times the many places around the globe they went to. I feel like this is translated in their music in some way.

Leading, David Orlowsky paid special attention to the band, leaving much space for the virtuoso playing of his colleagues Jens-Uwe Popp and Florian Dohrmann.

The three have been together for almost 20 years now.

The audience listened attentively, as Orlowsky spoke about the trip to Odessa’s Jewish district Moldovanka.


That concert from our Sofia Jazz Peak festival was a part of the European Music Festival, organized by Cantus Firmus. The festival is supported by the Sofia Municipality and is co-organized by the Ministry of Culture.

Photos by Dimityr Aleksov