Antonia Docheva paints jazz

Conceived with music, the paintings of Antonia Docheva beam energy and positive vibrations. The main creative impulse comes from jazz and tango music. “Tango embraces all passions – romance, love, hate; all of them – emotions that are part of our beings. Jazz music has many faces – it can burst and it can embrace,” says Antonia Docheva in a Jazz FM interview by Svetoslav Nikolov.

Jazz FM is the soundtrack of Antonia’s days and nights since it started broadcasting. The artist was our guest in the studio on 30 April, to celebrate with us the International Jazz Day. She associates jazz music most of all with peace and tranquility: “This is the state of mind when I am so profoundly in touch with myself. It is magical, it is magic. When music dissipates all negative feelings, your heart is light – and you can see beautiful pictures, life is stripped of anger.”

The sound of music and the strokes of the brush resonate so expressively and beautifully in Antonia’s works, and she explains: “The figures on the paintings are the emotional frame, the essence is the play of colours that jazz is in its richness.”

  • You can view Antonia Docheva’s jazz paintings by pressing the Gallery button above. The interview is in Bulgarian.