The traditions of jazz in the new dimension of electronic music.

We will look to the future, we will dance and we will dream with the show of Jazz FM radio - Jazztronica, stylishly presented by DJ Mr. Moon. The young instrumentalist, arranger and DJ meets us with new versions of classical samples and presents us with the latest from club jazz on Friday at 6 pm. You can hear a rerun of the show on Saturday at 10 pm only on the air of the only jazz radio, soul, blues and funk music in Bulgaria.

The legacy we value and the future we look forward to coming together in the present in the 60 minutes of Jazztronica. "You have so much musical material from the past that you can sample, cut and arrange in a whole new puzzle. It is completely different from the original, but reminiscent of past emotions and styles. So the songs sound new and different, but at the same time, they are so familiar. This won me over to this music so many years ago, ”says Mladen Dimitrov. Both as a DJ and as a musician, there is nothing better for him than mixing his favourite styles - jazz and electronic music.

Each edition of Jazztronica has a specific theme, and the first was dedicated to Billy Holiday and the sound of her era. It inspired us to discover through her transformed originals and plays by artists such as Charlie Parker.

The show features a skilful selection of treasures from history and a fine style of mixing them. This combination transforms the sets of DJ Mr. Moon on a journey through time, genres and emotions. "Life is not in black and white, it is full of nuances that flow into each other." - is the understanding of Mladen Dimitrov, shaping the sound of his sets as a journey, sometimes with vast spaces in front of us, other times - with turns, after which reveal unexpected views.

The Jazztronica show will be a joyful companion at the end of the workweek on Friday, and then it will charge us again with a good mood on a calm Saturday night.
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